Morrisby Career Guidance Report

Over the past 50 years Morrisby has helped millions of people plan and realise their future careers. Through scientific assessment of abilities, innovative questionnaires and web-based resources, Morrisby can help you to discover your career aspirations and support you on the journey to realising your goals.

The Morrisby Profile helps thousands of people every year understand how their unique qualities can offer insights into future choices.

The Morrisby Report provides much of the information needed to make important decisions about the future.

It presents:

  • a profile of the individuals ability structure and level
  • learning style, problem solving style
  • some aspects of personality
  • career interests (the MCQ or Morrisby Careers Questionnaire)
  • 12 careers suggestions plus a range of associated suggestions

The ability/personality aspects are measured during a timed test session and together they are called the Morrisby Profile (MP)

The career suggestions are based upon the combined results of the MP and MCQ.

The selection of the career suggestions is a complex process built and refined over several years, making this a sensitive system. It is as close to an ‘expert system’ as is available for careers guidance.

Each year the College provideds students with the opportunity to complete the Morrisby Report.  This includeds:  Sitting the assessment, completing the career questionaire and then a 20 minute individual feedback session for the student and the parent / guardian.

If you would like more information contact Mr Peter Bollard, Career Practitioner at the College.

UMAT Information


UMAT is developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on behalf of the UMAT Consortium universities.  The test is used specifically to assist with the selection of students into the medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at undergraduate level at the universities listed on this website.

UMAT scores can be used for admission to any of the UMAT Consortium universities ONLY in the year following the test. For example, results from UMAT2014 can be used for undergraduate medicine or health science courses beginning in 2015 but NOT 2016. Do not register for UMAT2014 unless you are planning to apply for a course commencing in 2015 AND you meet the eligibility criteria specified in the UMAT2014 Information Booklet

Go to the website to Register, Closing Date to Register, Learn about the Practice Materials, Find out the closest Test Venue, Find out When the Test is Conducted.

New UMAT Information for 2015 will be posted ASAP – You can go directly to the Website


2016 – Work Experience Program & Year 10 Block Dates

Year 10 Students:

All year 10 students are strongly encouraged to undertake Work Experience with your Form Group. This will be organised by Mr Bollard via your Year 10 Humanities Class Teacher.

Work Experience is about learning to develop your generic employment skills. It is not about job training but rather about work shadowing, where you work with people and learn more about the workforce. The idea is to take you out of your comfort zone and immerse you an environment that is not that familiar to you. Its about how to work with people, to be flexible and adaptable. All the skills you need to be successful in the modern workforce. In essence its is about improving your personal skills and make you aware of all the opportunities our community (Employers in particular) can offer you. Many students are offered part-time or casual positions as a result of completing a Work Experience placement. Employers complete an evaluation form and you can use this as evidence of your involvement and it may help you obtain other positions in the future. Most employers looking for apprentices will want to see at least 2 or 3 Work Experience reports as evidence of your commitment and interest in the trade before they will consider you for a full-time position.

Work Experience Forms are being distributed by the Year 10 Humanities Teachers and need to be returned to your Commerce Teacher by the due date. These forms will consist of the “Official Departmental Permission Form” and a Form outlining the students Work Experience Preferences (3 Job Preferences are required).

Students can choose to do Work Experience in Warrnambool from the list of positions provided in the Work Experience Booklet – handed out with the forms.

Note: Work Experience is just that – an “Experience of Work.” It is not meant to be job training. Many employment positions – especially professions do not allow students to undertake work experience at Year 10 due to the sensitivity of the position or the maturity of Year 10 students. Many students therefore choose positions that might help them to find a part-time employment position.

Students are also required to complete an on-line, Occupational Health & Safety Program before being allowed to undertake Work Experience.  Students from Year 11 & 12 may undertake Work Experience during normal Holiday breaks. All Work Experience enquiries should be directed to Mr Bollard.

 2016 Work Experience Dates are as follows:

 Tues 15 Mar to Frid 18 Mar:  Mrs Penn & Mr Payne’s Humanities Groups

 Mon 16 May to Frid 20 May:  Ms Brennan’s Humanities Groups

 Mon 23 May to Frid 27 May: Ms Collis’s Humanities Groups

 Mon 25 July to Frid 29 July:  Mr Finn’s Humanities Groups

 Mon 14 Nov to Frid 18 Nov:  Mr Darts Humanities Group

Year 11 & Year 12 Students:

Work Experience is avaialble through the school during each of the holiday breaks – but not during the Christmas holidays.  See Mr Bollard to arrange a placement.

Note:  More professinal placements are avaialble to Year 11 & year 12 students.


VET Courses and Pathways at Warrnambool College

A very wide range of VET in Schools courses are available at our school.  VET or Vocational Education and Training courses are demanding and require students to not only acquire the necessary skill competencies but also to manage their time efficiently so they can meet their normal school study requirements.  The learning environment is also different for VET students in that they learn their skills in a variety of locations.  These may include:  School, TAFE and on the job, which in turn requires additional organisational demands and skills for students.

VET Courses currently offered:

Automotive Certificate II; Beauty Services Certificate III; Building & Construction Certificate II; Catering Certificate II; Conservation & Land Management Certificate II; Engineering Certificate II; VCE-VET Furniture Making; Community Services Certificate II; Electrical Certificate II; Health Services Assistant; Certificate II; Hospitality Food & Beverage; Hospitality Commercial Cookery; Retail Makeup & Skin Care; Hairdressing Certificate III;  Media Certificate III; Music Certificate II; Plumbing Certificate II

To enrol in a VET course you must be over 15 years of age at the 1 April and be in Year 10 or above.  Employment outcomes are very positive for those students who have combined a VET course with Structured Workplace Learning.

VET courses of study are developed by industry to meet industry demands and therefore most courses require students to purchse specific tools and to wear protective clothing or use spcific workbooks to enable you to complete the course.

The school has a very close relationship with South West Institute of TAFE, who provide almost all of our courses.   As most courses are conducted at one of the Institutes 3 Campuses, students can catch the VET Bus provided by the school.

Many VET courses include attending TAFE during the holidays  – Attendance is compulsory and failure to do so will make it difficult to complete the course of study successfully.

Link to SW TAFE – TAFE in Schools Website:

This Link gives you access to the

  • Course Curriculum outlines
  • Timetables
  • Course Requisites
  • Unit Descriptors
  • Career Pathways

Further Questions Contact Mr Bollard at the school.

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Welcome to 2018


Welcome to the Warrnambool College Careers Blog. Throughout the year, this blog site will be a valuable resource for careers and training information.

Students will find valuble information about careers events and resources that will assist you on your career development journey.

Parents and Carers will also find this a very useful resource to keep up to date with events and opportunities, but also the blog will provide guidance in how you can assit your young person to navigate the school system and help them manage their transition to a life beyond school.

For more details or to make an Appointment:  Contact Mr Peter Bollard, Careers Practitioner, Warrnambool College, Phone:  55 644 444.