Important VTAC Application Dates


Parents and students are reminded of the deadlines for making your application for admission into a TAFE or University course via a VTAC Application for 2015.

VTAC APPLICATIONS CLOSE:  Tuesday 30 September 2014 (5:00 pm)

SEAS Applications Close:  Tuesday 7 October 2014 (5:00 pm)

Scholarships via VTAC: Friday 17 October 2014 – (5 pm)

VCE results & ATAR via On-line: Monday 15 December 2014 – (7:00 am)

VTAC Change of Preferences Period: 24 November  to 22 December 2014 (12.00 noon).

VTAC  First Round Offers: On-line: Monday 19 January  2015. 2:00 pm. (On-line / E-mail)

However you are advised that students should complete your application by the end of Term 3  – Friday 19 September,  so that if you have any difficulties making your application we can provide some assistance.   

Remember:  Students MUST pay the VTAC Application Fee before VTAC will forward your application to a tertiary institution.  We recommend you pay as soon as you complete your application.  Final Closing Date to pay VTAC is 30 September.  Failure to pay the VTAC Application Fee will negate your application and Selection Officers will not be able to consider you for a course.

All students are strongly encouraged to make a VTAC Application as it increases your career and employment opportunities.  Once your VTAC Application is made you are able to concentrate on your final assessments and revisit (change) your VTAC course preferences once the exams are completed and you know your results.

Students should receive their ATAR Score and individual study scores on 15 December and will have until 22 December to Change your VTAC Preferences if you wish.  Many students do not make any changes but the opportunity exists to re-order your preferences or to add or remove courses not previously considered. (Always check the VTAC Course Search (On-line)  first for details as some courses are not able to be added).

Year 12 – End of Year Arrangements & Post School Options – Transition Presentation

Wednesday 3 September  –  7:30 pm to 8:30 pm  – Warrnambool College Auditorium

Parents and students are invited to attend this presentation and discussion evening on a range of topics.

Year 12 – VTAC – Special Entry & Access Scheme (SEAS)

The Special Entry Access Scheme provides special consideration in admissions for students who have experienced disadvantage. SEAS recognises that your potential for university study may not be reflected in your achieved ATAR due to a range of circumstances.

SEAS works by adding points to the aggregate study score, based on the type and level of difficulty experienced. The ATAR score is then recalculated with the additional points included.        In order to receive bonus points under this scheme, applicants must have selected the relevant special consideration categories as part of their SEAS application.        The effect of bonus points on ATAR will vary slightly from year to year.  VTAC have developed the following categories in order to help your application and determine the severity and impact on your education.

  • Category 1: Personal Information & Location (Indigenous / Rural/ Under-represented Gender. Just tick a Box.

Proof Required

  • Category 2: Difficult family circumstances.
  • Category 3: Disadvantaged socio-economic background
  • Category 4: Disability / Medical Conditions.
  • Category 5: Vic Uni PPP / LaTrobe SALT.

Examples as to how a Univeristy would recognise a SEAS Applicant:

Access Program – University of Melbourne (disadvantaged financially or from a rural background)

Minimum ATAR Required 78 + for entry to Arts, Environments or Science.

Minimum ATAR Required 88 + for entry to Commerce.

Minimum ATAR Required 95 + for entry to Biomedicine.

Monash University: Your dream of studying at Monash is affected by your financial, geographical, cultural or personal hardship.  The link to the SEAS Bonus points Calculator will give you an idea of what you may expect under the SEAS program.

Deakin University SEAS Calculator Link:  Click This Link

Monash SEAS Calculator Link:  Click This Link