Sample of 2014 Scholarships – Start Preparing to Apply Early

Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship – Fed Uni

The Administrators for the Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship have confirmed they will be offering this award to two students in 2014 at Federation University Australia.  Amount $3000 pa for up to 4 years.

The Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship is available for students currently studying Year 12 who have attended a primary or secondary school in the Western District of Victoria, with preference given to former students of:

* Port Fairy Consolidated School;

* St Patrick’s Primary School (Port Fairy);

Please find attached an application form and selection criteria regarding the Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship. If you are not the most appropriate contact, please pass this email on to the school’s contact for Year 12 students.

If any of your students are applying for TAFE or Higher Education programs at Federation University Australia (and in particular those students who have attended one of the schools listed above), please make them aware of the scholarship. Applications and documentary evidence close on Friday 31st October, 2014.

There are other scholarships available for prospective students. More information on these scholarships can be accessed from

Do not hesitate to contact Sandy Howlett on 5327 99557 or by email

Ormond College – Scholarships

Ormond College is a residential college at the University of Melbourne. We are a welcoming, dynamic on-campus community of 400 students drawn from around Australia and the world. At Ormond you will find everything you need for a great university experience: a vibrant and active student community, innovative academic support programs, inclusive and diverse culture and a focus on personal growth.

Entry scholarships specifically awarded to students from rural & regional backgrounds in 2015 include:

  • The Neville & Di Bertalli Scholarship ($24,600) for 5 students from rural or regional Australia
  • The Wade Family Scholarship ($24,000) for 2 students from government or low-fee schools
  • The Richard & Verna Gutch Scholarship ($15,000) for 3-5 students based on academic excellence and financial need
  • The Stewart Family Scholarship ($11,500) for a student from the Wimmera, Central Victoria (including Kyneton) or Western Victoria
  • The Gwen & Edna Jones Foundation Scholarship ($10,000) for 2-3 students from the Western District, and takes into account financial need and academic potential
  • The Hugh Collins Scholarship ($8,000) for 1-2 students from government schools based on academic potential and financial need.

To Apply:  Go to the Financial Assistance Section of the Ormond College Website.

Federation University Australia Scholarships – Year 12

There are twenty five Scholarships to be awarded each year, each valued at $2,000 which are open to Year 12 students at invited schools in the Central Highlands, Wimmera, Loddon, Barwon, Mallee, Western District, and Gippsland Regions, as defined by Federation University Australia.

  • Applications will be ranked on the following: Academic Performance, Contribution to their School, Contribution to their Community and the Principal Statement.  Please pay particular attention to the criteria as each category is awarded points based on their attributes. 
  • Students wishing to nominate themselves for a FedUni scholarship must complete the attached Student Nomination & Application form and submit this to their school Principal. As part of their nomination, students are required to outline in 400 words or less their attributes in the areas of:

Contribution to their school – 10 Points

  • 3 points – School Leadership role (eg. School Captain, Sports Captain)
  • 3 points – Pastoral Engagement (eg. Reading Clubs, ESL support, Tree Planting, Mentors)
  • 4 points – Diversity of involvement in School activities (eg. drama, music, maths/science competitions, sports, debating with evidence of contributing to the school community)

Contribution to their community – 10 points

  • 3 points – Contributions to a Sporting Club (eg. coach, team member, fundraising)
  • 3 points – Leadership role in a Community organisation (eg. CFA, RSPCA, church youth group)
  • 4 points – Contributions to a Charity /Community organisation (eg. meals on wheels or pink ribbon day over a number of years)
    • The Principal must endorse the application of one student (based on the student’s VCE performance to date) from their School using the official Application Endorsement Form.

Principal Statement – 6 points

  • 1 point –  Endorsement of Student Application
  • 2 points – Statements for supporting the student application
  • 3 points – Additional Statements regarding the student application (separate to anything the student has mentioned).

Application avaialble from Mr Bollard

This must then be sent to the University, together with the student’s completed nomination form, by Friday October 31, 2014 and addressed to:

Scholarship Application – Confidential
Marketing and Communications
Attn: Sandy Howlett
P.O. Box 663
Ballarat   VIC   3353