VET Courses: Year 10, 11 and 12 Students – 2016

This year we have just under 100 students undertaking Vocational Education and Training Courses outside the College. Courses at SW TAFE commence on Thursday 11 February. Final VET Course Confirmation letters were distributed to all VET students via their Tute Group Teacher on Tues 2 February. The Letter confirms the following: Start Dates and Times, Campus to attend, Transport Arrangements, and most importantly Holiday Block Attendance Dates (where applicable). If you are in doubt Please contact Mr Bollard ASAP.

Students undertaking VET Music at Emmanuel College commence Thursday 4 February at 1:25 pm. Students to meet their Teacher at the Main Office at the McAuley Campus – Ardlie Street.

VET Travel Arrangements: All students attending Thursday Afternoon VET Courses at SW TAFE are required to travel to South West TAFE by the Bus’s provided by the School. The Bus’s leave from the Bus interchange at 12:25 pm Each Week and travels to both the Sherwood Park (Deakin) Campus and the Timor Street Campus and the Trade Centre at Carumut Road. The Bus will not wait for late comers. Students attending other times will need to make your own travel arrangements.

VET Clothing and Safety Requirements: Reminder that for all trade courses, correct leather shoes and overalls are required. Students usually change into their VET gear at TAFE once they arrive on the bus.

VET Holiday Block Sessions: Many of the VET program also conduct Holiday lessons. Each student is expected to attend these lessons. To check if you have a holiday block requirement – go to Choose Timetables

Note: The Final Confirmation Letters include the VET holiday Block Dates if they are applicable to you!

Parents need to note that planning holidays should be done avoiding these holiday dates. Attending Holiday Blocks is Compulsory and failure to do so will mean you cannot complete the course.

Attendance: VET Students are required to attend all timetabled lessons because these programs are competency based – attendance is essential every week. If you cannot attend, you should e-mail your TAFE Teacher and explain your situation.

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Work Experience – Year 10, 11 & 12 – 2016 Block Dates

Year 10 Students:

All year 10 students are strongly encouraged to undertake Work Experience with your Form Group. This will be organised by Mr Bollard via your Year 10 Humanities Class Teacher.

Work Experience is about learning to develop your generic employment skills. It is not about job training but rather about work shadowing, where you work with people and learn more about the workforce. The idea is to take you out of your comfort zone and immerse you an environment that is not that familiar to you. Its about how to work with people, to be flexible and adaptable. All the skills you need to be successful in the modern workforce. In essence its is about improving your personal skills and make you aware of all the opportunities our community (Employers in particular) can offer you. Many students are offered part-time or casual positions as a result of completing a Work Experience placement. Employers complete an evaluation form and you can use this as evidence of your involvement and it may help you obtain other positions in the future. Most employers looking for apprentices will want to see at least 2 or 3 Work Experience reports as evidence of your commitment and interest in the trade before they will consider you for a full-time position.

Work Experience Forms are being distributed by the Year 10 Humanities Teachers and need to be returned to your Commerce Teacher by the due date. These forms will consist of the “Official Departmental Permission Form” and a Form outlining the students Work Experience Preferences (3 Job Preferences are required).

Students can choose to do Work Experience in Warrnambool from the list of positions provided in the Work Experience Booklet – handed out with the forms.

Note: Work Experience is just that – an “Experience of Work.” It is not meant to be job training. Many employment positions – especially professions do not allow students to undertake work experience at Year 10 due to the sensitivity of the position or the maturity of Year 10 students. Many students therefore choose positions that might help them to find a part-time employment position.

Students are also required to complete an on-line, Occupational Health & Safety Program before being allowed to undertake Work Experience. Students from Year 11 & 12 may undertake Work Experience during normal Holiday breaks. All Work Experience enquiries should be directed to Mr Bollard.

2016 Work Experience Dates are as follows:

Tues 15 Mar to Frid 18 Mar: Mrs Penn & Mr Payne’s Humanities Groups

Mon 16 May to Frid 20 May: Ms Brennan’s Humanities Groups

Mon 23 May to Frid 27 May: Ms Collis’s Humanities Groups

Mon 25 July to Frid 29 July: Mr Finn’s Humanities Groups

Mon 14 Nov to Frid 18 Nov: Mr Darts Humanities Group

Year 11 & Year 12 Students:

Work Experience is avaialble through the school during each of the holiday breaks – but not during the Christmas holidays. See Mr Bollard to arrange a placement.

Note: More professinal placements are avaialble to Year 11 & year 12 students.