Dear Parent / Guardian / Student,

Parents and students are reminded of the deadlines for making your application for admission into a TAFE or University course via a VTAC Application for 2017.

VTAC APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Thursday 29 September 2016 (5:00 pm)
SEAS Applications Close: Tuesday 4 October 2016 (5:00 pm)
Scholarships via VTAC: Friday 14 October 2016 – (5 pm)
VCE results & ATAR via On-line: Monday 12 December 2016 – (7:00 am)
VTAC Change of Preferences Period: 21 November to 20 December 2016 (12.00 noon).
VTAC First Round Offers: On-line Monday 18 January 2017. 2:00 pm. (On-line / E-mail)

However you are advised that students should complete an application by the end of Term 3 – Friday 16 September, so that if you have any difficulties making your application we can provide some assistance.

Remember: Students MUST pay the VTAC Application Fee ($32.00) before VTAC will forward your application to a tertiary institution. We recommend you pay as soon as you complete your application. Final Closing Date to pay VTAC is 29 September 2016. Failure to pay the VTAC Application Fee will negate your application and Selection Officers will not be able to consider you for a course.

All students are strongly encouraged to make a VTAC Application as it increases your career and employment opportunities. Once your VTAC Application is made you are able to concentrate on your final assessments and revisit (change) your VTAC course preferences once the exams are completed and you know your results (12 December).

Students should receive your ATAR Score and individual study scores on Monday 12 December and will have until Tuesday 20 December to Change VTAC Preferences if you wish.

On-Campus Accommodation: You Need to Apply before the end of the school Holidays in September, Most accommodation applications are done online. See various institution websites

Thinking of Having a Gap Year: Well do you have a Job ? If not think Again. Start Applying!

If you are looking for Employment – Apply before the end of the year – after the exams. Register with Westvic or any other Employment Agency such as WDEA.

South West TAFE – Apply Directly to the Institute. Many applied courses available such as: Aged Care, Agriculture, Arts, Business, Community Services, Nursing, Childcare, Tourism, Events, Maritime, Environment, Hairdressing & Beauty, Trades (Automotive, Building, Electrical, Engineering, Plumbing).

If you have any questions please contact me directly on 55 644 406. Please keep this for your reference.

Peter Bollard
Careers Practitioner

Year 12 Students Transition Program: 2016


All Year 12 students seeking to apply for University or TAFE for 2017, should have Received their copy of the VTAC guide by now.  If you have not done so – Contact Mr Bollard ASAP.  The guides where distributed to students  last week at a special assembly where the VTAC application process was explained.

Most students will be able to complete their VTAC Application at home, but  we will run lunchtime workshops for students to attend so that all can be registered and have at least 1 preference on the system before the closing date.

A parent / guardian  presentation was conducted last week, to explain the VTAC process, how to apply for SEAS and scholarships, accommodation we will also look at issues such as Funding Tertiary study, Gap years, Finding employment etc.  It was close to a full house – so if you could not attend please contact me for an outline.

VTAC APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Thursday 29 September 2016 (5:00 pm)

However students are advised that you should complete your application by the end of Term 3  – Friday 16 September. This is to ensure that any problems encountered can be dealt with by school staff, well before the Closing Date.  For example – sometimes Birth Dates and names do not match

VCE Results & ATAR Scores: Monday 12 December 2016 at 7:00 am (Website service).

VTAC Change of Preferences:  21 Nov to 20 Dec 2016 – 12:00 noon. (FINAL)

VTAC  First Round Offers:  Monday 18 January 2017. (Online – E-mail)


SEAS is the umbrella program run by most institutions for applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage.

It allows selection officers to grant extra consideration for course entry to applicants, but is NOT USED AS A REPLACEMENT for course entry requirements. If a student does not complete the extra requirements for a course, then having a SEAS application will not help. Students will still need to attend all interviews, sit any required tests, submit all required folios, and fill in all required forms, regardless of the SEAS application.

Specific questions about how SEAS is used in selection for specific courses should be directed to the institution. REMEMBER THAT ALL APPLICANTS ARE SELECTED IN A COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT. Fulfilment of all course eligibility requirements (with or without SEAS) does not guarantee an offer.

SEAS Categories (4):

  1. Personal information and Location.
  2. Difficult family circumstances.
  3. Disadvantaged socio-economic background.
  4. Personal disability or medical condition.

Warrnambool students are all eligible for Category No 1:  Rural Background.

Not all institutions recognise all categories. VTAC’s website with SEAS link will provide an overview of the categories recognised by participating institutions. SEAS will boost your eligibility for entry, just by using Category 1 by about 5 or 6 points.

For all the latest Careers information and links to some fantastic web resources – Please visit the Careers Blog located on the College Home Page: http://wblcollcareers.global2.vic.edu.au/

Warrnambool College Transition Program:

This year we have conducted lunchtime sessions for year 12 students on the following

23 February – JMC Academy Presentation – Provider of Specialist Media, Arts, Graphics, Music programs.

22 March – Deakin University Nursing Programs – Registered Nursing and Midwifery Course and Careers

12 April – Gap year Programs – Philippines – What to do in a Gap Year? Volunteering Overseas.

20 April – Presentation by the International College of Hotel Management.

10 May – Deakin University Business & Law Programs – Why do Business & Law ?  Career pathways.

17 May – Occupational Therapy – Ex Student from LaTrobe University outlined the many transition issues she encountered from leaving home and moving to Melbourne.  Along with how the course operated, her clinical placements, accommodation, and finally how she has now returned to work locally with Moyne Health Services.

24 May – Australian Defence Forces – Careers in Trades with the ADF.

14 June – How to use the VTAC Website !  Researching Courses and Careers.

12 July – Psychology and Psychophysiology courses at Swinburne – Presentation by Year 3 Ex Student – Marli Culkin

19 July – Ex-Students from University of Melbourne discussed their transition issues including why they chose to do a Science or Psychology course. How the Unimelb course system works to you favour, living on campus, finding jobs in Melbourne and  future plans.

11 August – VTAC Briefing for Students.  Why apply ?  How to apply, How to pay online; What is SEAS and Why it is important;  How to apply for scholarships;  VTAC Deadlines.

16 August – Ex  Students explain how they were successful in applying for scholarships.  Tips for new players, and why you should apply, how to prepare for scholarship interviews.

16 August – Uni SA, Introduction to the university and what they have to offer in the region and in Adelaide.

23 August – Deakin University – Warrnambool Campus – advantages of studying at home. Accommodation options and Pathways Courses.

29 August – Federation University, Courses and Pathway Options.

30 August – VTAC and SEAS Workshops.

5 September – South West TAFE – Courses, Apprenticeships and Pathways

6 September – Deakin University Accelerated Learning Program for gifted students (SEALP).

4 October – How to Successfully Apply for a Gap year Job ?

Plus VTAC Workshops at lunchtimes for those students who need assistance.