Morrisby Career Guidance Report

Over the past 50 years Morrisby has helped millions of people plan and realise their future careers. Through scientific assessment of abilities, innovative questionnaires and web-based resources, Morrisby can help you to discover your career aspirations and support you on the journey to realising your goals.

The Morrisby Profile helps thousands of people every year understand how their unique qualities can offer insights into future choices.

The Morrisby Report provides much of the information needed to make important decisions about the future.

It presents:

  • a profile of the individuals ability structure and level
  • learning style, problem solving style
  • some aspects of personality
  • career interests (the MCQ or Morrisby Careers Questionnaire)
  • 12 careers suggestions plus a range of associated suggestions

The ability/personality aspects are measured during a timed test session and together they are called the Morrisby Profile (MP)

The career suggestions are based upon the combined results of the MP and MCQ.

The selection of the career suggestions is a complex process built and refined over several years, making this a sensitive system. It is as close to an ‘expert system’ as is available for careers guidance.

Each year the College provideds students with the opportunity to complete the Morrisby Report.  This includeds:  Sitting the assessment, completing the career questionaire and then a 20 minute individual feedback session for the student and the parent / guardian.

If you would like more information contact Mr Peter Bollard, Career Practitioner at the College.