VTAC – Community Information Evening

VTAC Community Information Evening
Time:   7pm,
Date:  Thursday 9 August 2018
Venue:  Gwen and Edna Jones Auditorium
King’s College, Balmoral Road, Warrnambool

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) will be holding an open community information session. The session will cover information about applying to Universities, TAFEs and Independent Tertiary Colleges within Victoria; as well as information about the ATAR, scaling, special consideration, scholarships and offers.
This event will be of particular relevance to students currently completing VCE who are considering their post-Year 12 study options and their parents, as well as anyone in the community considering further study as a mature age applicant. Students in Years 9-11 and their parents may also find the session helpful when choosing subjects for VCE. Come along to find out everything you need to know about tertiary study in 2019 !

Job Vacancy – Trainee Court Registrar 2018

Trainee Court Registrar recruitment is now open!
While completion of VCE (or equivalent) is a minimum requirement for the role of Trainee Court Registrar, you may be in contact with past students who would be interested in the below role of Trainee Court Registrar.

Trainee Court Registrar recruitment is now open!
The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria (MCV) is still recruiting for Trainee Court Registrar positions.

Applications are currently open until 31 December 2018.
The position is advertised at :

Only completed applications submitted via the link above during the set period will be considered.   Attached is a link to the MCV website where you can locate valuable information about the role of a Trainee Court Registrar and a potential career with MCV.

Court proceedings are open to the public and prospective applicants are encouraged to visit a Court to observe proceedings prior to lodging an application.

We would appreciate if you could please forward this information on to any students who may be interested.

If you require any further information or clarification please call the Workplace Development and Support Team on 9032 0907.

Magistrates Court Victoria


Tertiary Open Days – Term 3 – 2018 Calendar

Open Days are coming up for most Victorian universities in Term 3 – but what are Open Days all about?  Which ones should you go to, and what will you do when you get there?

What is Open Day? On Open Day, a university opens its doors to anyone who is interested in attending their university in the future, or who would just like to know more about the university. University Open Days are well worth attending because they can help you make one of life’s important decisions. They usually occur on weekends during Term 3 of the school year.

Open Day advice  – Who can attend? Anybody can attend Open Day, and it’s important to remember that you don’t have to wait until Year 12 to go along. You might be in a lower year level at the moment and just beginning to consider university in the future – this is a great time to get a head start on finding out more about higher education and the study options available. Open Days are also a great chance for parents/guardians to find out more about their child’s future study options.

What happens at Open Day? Universities run tours of their campuses, have staff and student representatives from different courses and faculties to talk about what they do and they provide information about all different study services. Among the presentations, activities, food and fun, you also have an opportunity to talk informally with current students who are studying in the courses you are considering. Open Days also give you a chance to soak up the culture of university life while you’re still deciding your options for future study. While you are there, you can take the opportunity to ask questions about courses, facilities and your future plans, as well as exploring campuses, from teaching and learning areas to libraries, cafes, social spaces and accommodation.

“Must do” items to tick off:

  • Visit the areas such as students support services and student lounges to check out what it’s like to be a student. Does the campus feel like a place you’d like to belong?
  • Go on a campus tour and see what facilities and resources are available on campus.
  • Don’t just talk to university staff: make sure you chat with some current students of the institution. They are experts on what it’s like to study there, and have recently gone through the process of selecting and getting into their course.
  • Bring someone along with you. Parents/guardians are a great option as they may have information they want to find out too. A friend or other family member can also be helpful and make you feel comfortable making your first trip onto campus.
  • Watch out for student clubs and societies who will be around on the day. These can be an exciting addition to university life and cover a huge range of interests, often creating lots of social opportunities and freebies.

“Must find out” items to tick off:

  • Different pathways into the courses in which you’re interested.
  • Any prerequisite subjects or tasks for the courses you’re considering.
  • The time commitment of the course your considering (how many years it takes to complete the course, how many hours per week will you need to attend lectures and tutorials, and do extra reading and studying- uni doesn’t have set hours like school). What public transport and parking options are available if you are going to travel to uni.
  • What accommodation is available if you are considering moving away from home to go to uni.
  • The facilities that are available at the campus. Libraries, cafes, banks, book stores, security services are all commonly found at uni campuses.

What questions should I ask current university students?

  • Why do you choose to study at this university?
  • What is it like living away from home?
  • What do you wish you’d known before you started studying?
  • What jobs does your course lead to?
  • What are the best and worst things about uni in your opinion?
  • How have you found the course so far – what are the teaching / facilities / support like.
  • What’s this town/suburb like to live in?

What questions should I ask University staff ?

  • What are the prerequisites for the courses I’m considering?
  • What are my options if I don’t get the ATAR for this course?
  • What services and facilities are available for students?
  • Who should I contact if I have more questions?

What questions should I ask students and staff at on-campus accommodation?

  • Who can live on-campus at this university?
  • How long can I live on-campus for?
  • Am I guaranteed a place in on-campus accommodation if I’m accepted into a course?
  • How do I apply for accommodation?
  • What type of accommodation is available? (i.e. single rooms, shared room, shared or private bathroom and kitchens, room or flat living).
  • What extras are provided for students who live on-campus? (i.e. food, support services, social program, sports and recreational facilities).
  • What are the costs of living on-campus?

Please See the full list of Open Days for 2018 – attachment on Compass

Copies available at the VCE Front Desk.

Peter Bollard – Careers Practitioner

Open Day calendar – Link: 

Tertiary Information Evening – Year 10 to 12 Parents / Students

Parent & Student Information Evening:  Wed 28 March 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Venue:  Deakin University – Warrnambool Campus.

The tertiary sector have come together in offering parents and students a great opportunity to speak with a number on representatives from universities, TAFE Colleges and Independent Colleges. Parents and students from Year 10, 11 and 12 are invited to attend.   (Note:  Year 12 students will be attending from school on the morning from 9:00 am on Wed 28 March). Learn all about:

  • Courses, VCE pre-requisites and extra entry requirements.
  • The VTAC Application process – Key Dates.
  • Costs of Further Study, Financial Assistance & Scholarships
  • How to make a successful transition from school to university or TAFE life.


Peter Bollard Careers Practitioner


UMAT Preparation Workshop Schedule 2018 (Year 10, 11 & 12 Students)

Places are filling fast – don’t miss out!

Click here to view  available workshop dates


Whether you are in Year 10, 11 or 12, our face-to-face full day UMAT workshop is an excellent chance for you to assess your UMAT knowledge and discover what areas need the most attention. The workshop includes 5 hours of tuition time to cover every section of the UMAT, the various types of questions to be encountered and how to tackle them, and of course Medical Interviews.

After a short lunch break, students will be sitting full strength, 3 hours UMAT mock paper under strict test conditions. Our past students always say that this part of the day is a very similar experience to the one when attempting the real UMAT. So why not put yourself through this experience and identify your strengths and weaknesses before the actual big day.

The Simulated UMAT Day is finalised by scoring the test, answering students’ questions, and providing advice and recommendations. Make sure you take the opportunity to meet and discuss the UMAT with our expert teacher and ask any questions you may have.

Please note, places for this event are strictly limited and registration is required.

Click here  to register online.

Alternatively, browse our website to see what you can gain by truly preparing yourself for one of the biggest days of your life. If you are serious about a career in health and considering structured UMAT preparation, we also highly recommend our PlatinumPremium or DLP UMAT Courses.

NIE UMAT preparation resources include:

UMAT Preparation Textbooks

UMAT Workshops

UMAT Tuition

Medical Interview Preparation

Recent UMAT NIE Blogs:

UMAT 2018 Date and Registration

Why study Medicine? Entry from a current Undergraduate Medicine Student at Monash University.

So Where Do I Start my UMAT Journey…And how much time do I need to get ready for the UMAT?

Balancing UMAT preparation with Year 12 studies. How much time should I spend on UMAT practice?

How do you structure your UMAT Preparation? Can you study and successfully prepare for the UMAT?

UMAT percentile and UMAT scores requirement for medicine and dentistry. What if I don’t get the right mark? ATAR and Year 12 academic achievement.

Preparing for Medical Interviews. The structured panel, semi-structured interviews, and MMI.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in relation to UMAT preparation or our services.

Best Wishes,   The NIE TEAM

National Institute of Education

1300 974 187    mob. 0404 197 178

mob. 0412 439 115   enquiries@nie.edu.au    www.nie.edu.au

VTAC Offers 2018 – Reminders ( 18 Jan 2018)

Reminders – How VTAC Works

  1. Always Accept or Defer your first offer.
  2. You are sill eligible for any VTAC Preferences above the Offer you received in round 1.
  3. So you might sill get an offer in round 2 for you higher Preference’s
  4.  We recommend you accept your Round 1 offer and if you receive a Round 2 offer you can easily transfer to the new offer.
  5. If you have any questions – Please ring me on 0477 664 960


Peter Bollard, Careers Practitioner.


Bendigo Bank – Scholarships – Register Your Interest

Looking to go to university in 2018? Need help with fees?

Life can be hard enough without having to worry about what tertiary scholarships, if any, are out there.

If you’re a first time university student you’re looking in the right place. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank offers one of Australia’s leading scholarship programs. From agriculture based scholarships, to those connected to one of our many Community Bank® branches, we have something to help you reach your university dreams.

The 2018 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarship Program will open for applications from 1 December 2017.

Go to the web Link: https: https://www.bendigobank.com.au/public/community/scholarships/2018-scholarships


Special Notice to all Year 12 Students / Parents / Guardians

Dear Parent / Guardian / Student,

Parents and students are reminded of the deadlines for making your application for admission into a TAFE or University course via a VTAC Application for 2018.

VTAC APPLICATIONS CLOSE:   Thursday 28 September 2017 (5:00 pm)

SEAS Applications Close:    Tuesday 10 October 2017 (5:00 pm)

Scholarships via VTAC:  Friday 13 October 2017 – (5 pm)

VCE results & ATAR via On-line: Friday 15 December 2017 – (7:00 am)

VTAC Change of Preferences Period:  20 November to 20 December 2017 (12.00 noon).

VTAC First Round Offers: On-line:  Tuesday 16 January  2018. 2:00 pm. (On-line / E-mail)

However you are advised that students should complete an application by the end of Term 3 – Friday 22 September, so that if you have any difficulties making your application we can provide some assistance.

Remember: Students MUST pay the VTAC Application Fee ($35.00) before VTAC will forward your application to a tertiary institution.  We recommend you pay as soon as you complete your application.  Final Closing Date to pay VTAC is 28 September 2017. Failure to pay the VTAC Application Fee will negate your application and Selection Officers will not be able to consider you for a course.

All students are strongly encouraged to make a VTAC Application as it increases your career and employment opportunities. Once your VTAC Application is made you are able to concentrate on your final assessments and revisit (change) your VTAC course preferences once the exams are completed and you know your results (12 December).

Students should receive your ATAR Score and individual study scores on Friday 15 December and will have until Wednesday 20 December to Change  VTAC Preferences if you wish.

On-Campus Accommodation:  You Need to Apply before the end of the school Holidays in September, Most accommodation applications are done online. See various institution websites

Thinking of Having a Gap Year:  Well do you have a Job ?  If not think Again.  Start Applying!

If you are looking for Employment – Apply before the end of the year – after the exams. Register with Westvic or any other Employment Agency such as WDEA.

South West TAFE – Apply Directly to the Institute.  Many applied courses available such as:  Aged Care, Agriculture, Arts, Business, Community Services, Nursing, Childcare, Tourism, Events, Maritime, Environment, Hairdressing & Beauty, Trades (Automotive, Building, Electrical,  Engineering, Plumbing).

If you have any questions please contact me directly on 55 644 406. Please keep this for your reference.

Peter Bollard

Careers Practitioner

RMIT SNAP (Schools Network Access Program)

SNAP is one way RMIT ensures a diverse and inclusive student population.

SNAP students can receive priority access to RMIT Courses through a Bonus on your score of up to 20 points. or Equivalent extra consideration towards selection tasks such as folios or interviews.

Who Can Apply for SNAP ?  Any Year 12 Student.

How do you apply for SNAP ?  Students apply via VTAC Website under SEAS.  Schools will then endorse SNAP students according to a criteria including:   Aptitude, Study Skills, Self-Management, Aptitude for course and related careers. Students need to obtain a SNAP Application from Mr Bollard once they have decided upon their VTAC course application. (Early August).

Universities and Higher Education Open Day Calendar for 2017

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians

Please see the Universities and Higher Education Open Day Calendar for 2017 below.
Many Open Days are conducted in August each Year and students from Year 10 to 12 are encouraged to attend at least some each year.  Please note Deakin Warrnambool Open Day is Sunday 5 August.  A great opportunity to see first hand what Deakin has to offer.


University & Higher Education Open Days 2017
Australian Catholic University
Melbourne campus Sunday 13 August (10am-4pm)
Sunday 13 August (10am-4pm)
Ballarat campus Sunday 27 August (10am-3pm)
Australian Maritime College
Launceston campus Saturday 12 August (10am-3pm)
Box Hill Institute
Box Hill campus Sunday 27 August (10am-3pm)
Lilydale campus Sunday 20 August (10am-3pm)
Charles Sturt University
Campus tours
MyDay http://csu.edu.au/myday
Collarts (Australian College of the Arts)
South Melbourne campus Saturday 5 August (10am-3pm)
http://collarts.edu.au/open-day/ Saturday 20 January 2018 (10am-3pm)
Deakin University
Warrnambool Campus Sunday 6 August (9am-3pm)
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus Sunday 20 August (9am-3pm)
Geelong Waterfront Campus Sunday 20 August (9am-3pm)
Melbourne Burwood Campus Sunday 27 August (9am-3pm)
Endeavour College of Natural Health https://www.endeavour.edu.au/events
Federation University Australia
Camp Street Sunday 27 August (10am-3pm)
Mount Helen (Ballarat) Sunday 27 August (10am-3pm)
Footscray City Films
Footscray campus Sunday 20 August (1pm-4pm)
Gordon (The)
City (Geelong) Sunday 6 August (11am-3pm)
Holmes Institute
FashionMasters campus Telephone: (03) 9945 9511
All campuses Open days are run throughout the year
JMC Academy
Melbourne campus 12 August (10am-4pm)
La Trobe University
Albury-Wodonga Saturday 12 August
Bendigo Sunday 27 August
Melbourne Sunday 6 August
LaTrobe College of Art and Design
Collingwood Sunday 20 August (11am-4pm)
Longerenong Ag College http://www.longy.com.au
Macleay College
City Tuesday 4 July
Marcus Oldham College
Waurn Ponds (Geelong) Sunday 13 August (10am-2:30pm)
Melbourne Polytechnic
Preston Sunday 20 August (10am-3pm)
Monash University
Caulfield Sunday 6 August (10am-4pm)
Clayton Sunday 6 August (10am-4pm)
Parkville Sunday 20 August (10am-3pm)
Peninsula Saturday 5 August (10am-3pm)
Moorabbin Flying Services
Ground Theory Centre Thursday 3 August (12pm-4pm)
Navitas College of Public Safety
City Sunday 13 August (10am-2pm)
http://www.ncps.edu.au/information-session-registration-form/ Thursday 7 December (6pm)
Photography Studies College
Melbourne Sunday 13 August (10am-3pm)
RMIT University
City Sunday 13 August (10am-4pm)
Brunswick Sunday 13 August (10am-4pm)
Bundoora Sunday 13 August (10am-4pm)
SAE Creative Media Institute
SAE Melbourne Saturday 5 August (10am-2pm)
Swinburne University of Technology
Hawthorn Sunday 30 July (10am-4pm)
University of Melbourne (The)
Parkville Sunday 20 August (10am-4pm)
Victoria University
Footscray Park Sunday 20 August (10am-3pm)
William Angliss Institute of TAFE
City Sunday 13 August (9.30am-3pm)